After the worldwide success of « PINA » directed by Wim Wenders, the film has been chosen to represent Germany to the OSCARS.
On this occasion we would like to highlight Transvideo’s CineMonitor HD 3DView used as a valuable tool on this film shot entirely in 3D.

Following are some exceprts from articles published in specialized professional press. These testimonials show how Transvideo’s CineMonitor HD 3DView was of great contribution to this project: It ensured fast implementation of 3D with meticulous precision and most of all allowed for creative freedom, spontaneity and improvisation.

From the American Cinematographer’s Magazine September issue by Benjamin B.

Alain Derobe, Director of Stereography stresses the importance of the Transvideo CineMonitorHD 3DView, which was designed by Jacques Delacoux and his team in close collaboration with Derobe. He explains that its color-fringing view and its programmable grid overlay are essential for a quick appreciation of the depth in an image. « It allows us to know very precisely what the pixel offset is for distant and close subjects, » says Derobe.

Josephine Derobe, Stereographer adds, « The Transvideo was key, for the constant and occasionally improvised adjustment of IA during the shot. »

Thierry Pouffray, Stereographer says, « Many shots were done without rehearsal, especially the exteriors with the Steadicam. »

From Film and Digital Times April issue by Jon Fauer

Erwin M. Schmidt, 3D Producer, said, « On set we used a special 3D Transvideo monitor to calibrate the rigs and to control the 3D effect. The monitor depicts the output of both left and right cameras as superimposed false color images, so that the pixel offset between the two images is visible. In addition to the experience and creativity of our stereography team, this monitor was the most important tool. »

Here are some films where our HD 3DView Monitors were used:

• Hugo by Martin Scorsese
• Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides by Rob Marshall
• Asterix et Obélix : On Her Majesty’s Secret Service by Laurent Tirard
• The Monkey King by Pou-Soi Cheang
• Sex and Zen by Christopher Sun Lap Key
• Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (with Jet Li) by Hark Tsui

You will find all the technical details for the HD3D View Transvidéo’s website


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TRANSVIDEO, Angénieux & K5600 Lighting present:

Thursday, 1st December – 5:45 pm
Director: Wim Wenders, DoP: Hélène Louvart, AFC,
Steadicam: Jorg Widmer, Stereographer: Alain Derobe.
Followed by Q&A with Alain Derobe and Jörg Widmer
Moderator: Benjamin B

Friday, 2nd December, 14:30pm – 16:30pm
DP Denis Rouden AFC & Stereographer Alain Derobe
Movement in 3D, moderated by Benjamin Bergery
Stereographer Alain Derobe & cinematographer Denis Rouden AFC (who just completed shooting of Asterix’ new adventures in 3D), will discuss the challenges of 3D filmmaking, with an emphasis on approaches to framing, operating and camera movement.
Moderator: Benjamin B,