TRANSVIDEO introduces to NAB 2012:


« VirtualHorizon2™ » for CineMonitorHD Evolution family.

« VirtualHorizon2™ » is a patented new generation of electronic bubble with inertia compensation.
Thanks to Transvideo Labs engineers, the compensation of acceleration, for example when the operator pans, is real time evaluated and corrects the position of the leveler.

It gives an extra precision for those shooting is difficult conditions, traveling, concerts, sports, everywhere you need to keep horizontality.

On top of that the recision of the leveler is multiplied by 10 and a position of ±5 Deg scale is now available.

This optional feature is available on the « CineMonitorHD evolution » family.

The price of the « VirtualHorizon2™ » option is 950 Euros list.

The price of the regular « VirtualHorizon™ » goes down from 600 to 450 Euros.

An update will be available in June for those willing to improve the performance of their leveler on CineMonitorHD6 Evolution and CineMonitorHD8 Evolution.
The modification will be done at the factory in France and will costs 500 Euros including the update to latest technical state).


« TRANSVIDEO PMW-F3 Pro Kit » for SONY PMW-F3 camera.

The kit includes one milled avionics aluminum camera plate and one PL-mount adapter key.
Both replace the original parts without any modification of the camera.

The plate gives extra stability on all tripods and there is some specific holes to mount on the PSTechnik dovetail plate for the Freestyle.
On the P+STechnik Freestyle or any other 3D rig it give the possibility to use zoom lenses with motorized system as the Preston FI+Z which uses hi-torque motors.

The PL-mount key helps to unlock the ring with one finger while the other hand holds the lens.

Price 265.- Euros list


TRANSVIDEO introduced the FuelReader™ on its CineMonitorHD Evolution  multi-format monitor family.

TRANSVIDEO Labs engineers integrated communication between the fuel computer of Logic Series Digital batteries from ANTON-BAUER and the CineMonitorHD multi-format monitor. The FuelReader™ gives to the user a view of the remaining available percentage of the battery and the time to run. A user adjustable security alert can inform the user when it is time to swap the battery on the monitor.

CineMonitorHD evolution 6″ / 8″ includes FuelReader™ when used with the new TRANSVIDEO multi-functionnal battery holder for ANTON-BAUER.
CineMonitorHD evolution 10″ / 12″ / 15″, CineMonitorHD evolution 3DView, CineMonitorHD 3DView S, CineMonitorHD RF, includes FuelReader™ when ordered with a ANTON-BAUER Gold Mount socket.

ANTON-BAUER’s Fuel Computer – Each Logic Series Digital Battery incorporates a fuel computer that automatically calculates battery capacity and remaining run-time simultaneously. The fuel computer also learns the battery’s capacity over time, thus maximizing the accuracy of the battery capacity and run-time calculations over the entire life of the battery. The fuel computer is also an integral component of the InterActive Charging System, available exclusively from ANTON-BAUER.

This new functionality is free of charge on all listed CineMonitorHD products increasing performance and versatility of the system. It will be factory available from NAB2012.

An update will be available in June for those willing to use FuelReader™ on their CineMonitorHD Evolution multi-format monitor.
The modification will be done at the factory in France and will costs 300 Euros including the update to latest technical state).

TRANSVIDEO exhibits at NAB2012 on booth C7240