Codex Onboard Recorder

The Codex Onboard Recorder is the start of your file based workflow. It can record anything, from HD for television to the highest quality digital cinematography cameras.

The Codex Onboard can record uncompressed or wavelet cinema quality HD material – plus audio and metadata – onto a single, removable data pack. When shooting is done, it offloads material much faster than real-time – typically three to five times faster.

Anyone who wants to work fast, at the highest quality, using a weather-resistant unit, weighing just 2.5Kg/5.7lb, the Onboard is ideal for single or multi-camera production. It can record simultaneously from two 4:4:4 cameras – for A&B or 3D stereo shoots – or from two 4:2:2 cameras.

The Onboard delivers immediate full-frame playback and review as video. It also delivers reference and viewing files over a network for full on-set quality control. Used with a Codex Media Station, it can deliver shots in multiple industry-standard formats – these can be generated on-the-fly for editing systems to use without importing.

The Onboard records using uncompressed or visually lossless wavelet compression, with compression ratios from 3:1 to 8:1. It also significantly reduces the storage requirements of a production.